New Mexican Red Chile Sauce

You know they old saying, when life gives you a giant bag of dried Red New Mexico Chiles, make a delicious pureed sauce. Though this looks so spicy it’ll burn off even Mark Twain’s undead eyebrows, the taste is slightly smoky and mild. It’s a great addition to a variety of dishes.



Fresh oregano from my own personal garden!


Not knowing much about dried chiles and making sauces with them I went ahead and just worked from a solid recipe from Diaz Family Farms. I followed their recipe step by step, except I used a stick blender that resulted in a more course sauce that if I had used a traditional blender.


When making your chile sauce don’t throw out the chile water! It’s perfect for marinating or a great addition to a Bloody Mary mix, both are potential options for upcoming blog posts!


If you want a thicker sauce follow their recipe to make a chile sauce roux. Use as an ingredient in any Mexican dishes or just put a bit on a tortilla and enjoy!

New Mexican Red Chile Sauce
Recipe Type: Chile Sauce
Cuisine: Mexican
  • Red Chile Pods
  • 1 bay leaf
  • Cumin
  • Whole Crushed Oregano
  • Granulated garlic
  • Salt or granulated chicken bouillon
  • Flour
  • Oil
  1. Rinse and remove the stems and seeds from approximately 25 pods.
  2. In a pot, add enough water to fully cover pods.
  3. Add 1 bay leaf.
  4. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 20 minutes, then let cool slightly.
  5. Remove bay leaf, and with a blender puree pods and the water.
  6. Use a colander to separate the pulp from the skin, do this several cups at a time.
To the Pureed Sauce add:
  1. tsp cumin
  2. tsp whole oregano (crushed)
  3. tsp granulated garlic
  4. tsp salt or granulated chicken bouillon
To make a roux:
  1. Add 1 tsp of oil and 1 tsp flour
  2. Let simmer for about 2 minutes.
  3. Add to chile sauce to thicken and bring to a boil.

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