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Saget La Perrière Chinon — The Perfect Balance

Saget La Perrière Chinon — The Perfect Balance

Grapes in Piave, Veneto

A well-balanced wine can be translated throughout the seasons with a variety of dishes. Arnaud Saget has grown his family vineyard to represent a respect for the vines and produce a beautiful hand-selected Chinon.


Arnaud Saget forayed into the wine business because of his blood, but has continued to build a successful label because of his dedication to quality and consumers’ desires. While winemaking and marketing has become his livelihood, Arnaud also strives to convey the respect and love he has towards the vines with each sale he makes.

A favorite across the board, Saget La Perriére’s Chinon is a beautiful 100% Cabernet Franc red wine, bright enough for fresh summer foods while still harboring complex spiciness. Selling at an average of $18, you can’t go wrong with such an affordable, dependable wine.

Just like the fresh wine, Chinon is a quiet French town with a calm atmosphere and a ruined chateau. However, every time one thinks of its simple and refreshing beauty, they are sweetly surprised by the rush of emotion they feel to the land. Similarly, the wine presents itself with a pleasant taste that will refresh the palate instead of fatiguing it. As the drinks continue, the spices and undertones are made apparent and a simple, beautiful love is realized, just like the affair with the town of Chinon.


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The tannins and subtle spiciness of this wine makes it extremely versatile with foods of different levels. This summer, enjoy the Chinon with barbecued meats and light, fresh salads. For a delicious beginning to a backyard gathering, head outside with just the bottle and a variety of cheeses. Test the wine’s stronger flavors as you enjoy it in the cooler months with alongside braised meats.

Arnaud Saget’s family vineyard has created a silky, satisfying wine that is a beautiful in all seasons.

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