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Discovering Woodinville Wine Country

Discovering Woodinville Wine Country

Winemakers from around the world have come together in Woodinville to create beautiful bottles. Discover what it takes to care for a vineyard during a Washington winter.
By Colin West

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Discover Woodinville wine country begins in Washington State with Long Shadows Vintners, a winery that brings together seven extremely talented Vintners from around the world. Together these Vintners alongside wine extraordinaire Allen Shoup work to produce the best wines possible out of Washington State’s top wine regions. Watch as one of their head winemakers Gilles Nicault and presenter Colin West explore what winemaking procedures go on in the middle of winter. They top off the series by going alpine touring in the Cascade Mountains to check out one of the most influential geographical features in WA state and how it affects the vineyards out east A bit of adventure and a bit of wine is back with WINERAM Productions.

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