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Current Favorite Rice Dishes

Current Favorite Rice Dishes


Check out these easy rice dishes that are filled with veggies and are great for feeding a crowd.

Rice is packed with satisfying texture; it’s versatile; it’s easy to prepare—and it’s budget-friendly to boot. These six rice-based salad recipes are perfect for toting to picnics, potlucks and cookouts.

Current Favorite Rice DishesJeanne Kelley

Brown Rice Grape Leaf Salad
The best flavors and textures of a good dolma—a Mediterranean stuffed grape leaf—in a deconstructed plate that’s fun to eat. See the recipe.

Current Favorite Rice DishesTeresa Blackburn

Mediterranean Rice Salad
Roasted red bell pepper and garbanzo beans make this simple Mediterranean-inspired salad shine. See the recipe.

Current Favorite Rice DishesTeresa Blackburn

Easy Summer Rice Salad
The addition of cucumbers and tomatoes makes for a simple, summery side dish. See the recipe.

Current Favorite Rice DishesJessica Merchant

Curried Rice Salad
A veggie-filled salad is packed with curry flavor—the perfect side to accompany your favorite grilled meats. See the recipe.

See Also

Current Favorite Rice DishesTeresa Blackburn

Lentil and Rice Salad
Fresh lemon and parsley infuse this rice salad with freshness. See the recipe.

Current Favorite Rice DishesSpry Living

Black Rice Salad with Mango and Peanuts
Known for its chewy, hearty texture and plethora of antioxidants, black rice has lots to brag about. Mangoes and peanuts add contrasting sweet-and-saltiness. See the recipe.

This article has been posted with permission and originally appeared as, “6 Potluck-Perfect Rice Salads” on Relish.

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