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Brooklyn Roasting Company and Izzy & Em’s Bake with CoffeeFlour

Brooklyn Roasting Company and Izzy & Em’s Bake with CoffeeFlour

Baking with the fruit pulp of coffee, Brooklyn Roasting Company and Izzy & Em’s are making delicious treats that are gluten free and a great way to reuse food waste.
By Suzanna Heldring


Brooklyn Roasting Company celebrated the opening of it’s first Manhattan location late last month with a little something extra. Not only did they open the new location, but unveiled their new line of CoffeeFlour pastries. CoffeeFlour is a sustainable global impact food which converts the fruit pulp of coffee into nutritious and gluten-free flour for baking. Brooklyn Roasting Company is the first shop in the US to serve pastries made with CoffeeFlour. The pastries are made by Izzy & Em’s, an organic and totally gluten-free baking company.


The event offered samples of some of the coffee Brooklyn Roasting Company has to offer, including a Guatemala Finca Ceylan & Colombia Santa Barbara blend, a Mexican Chiapas, and their Nitrogen-infused cold brew. Their aim is to serve many different types of coffee daily, like a bar serving beer. Just like beer, there are many different types of coffee, each with varying strengths and flavor profiles. The main event and attraction was of course the Izzy & Em’s CoffeeFlour baked goods samples. They offered a Coffee Cake, Coffee Cookie, and Double Coffee Brownie.


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Only CoffeeFlour can make these pastries healthy! Kind of. CoffeeFlour contains more fiber than whole grain flour, more protein than kale, more potassium than bananas, and more iron than spinach!

To try these nutritious and delicious creations, as well as Brooklyn Roasting Company’s array of  gourmet coffee’s head to any of their three New York locations. You will not be disappointed.

All photos property of Ethan Covey

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