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Where to Stay, Eat and Drink in Seminyak, Bali

Where to Stay, Eat and Drink in Seminyak, Bali

A culinary mecca. A pulsating night life. And breathtaking sunsets, Seminyak, Bali offers even more than meets the eye. 

For years, travelers have been drawn to Bali’s beach town, Seminyak. Arrayed along the Southern end of the island, Seminyak invites vacationers to unwind as they see fit: relax at a spa or shop by day, enter the thrum of clubs by night, and by evening, soak in the view of the sun as it drops in the Indian Ocean.

Catering to every type of traveler—families, honeymooners, sightseers, revelers, surfers—Seminyak seamlessly blends Balinese charm with global influences. The streets pulsate with artistic energy, where, in a mile-long stretch, you’ll stumble upon everything from stylish jewelry shops to quirky galleries. Above all, the culinary landscape here is palpable, with Seminyak cementing itself as a foodie’s mecca. Whether you’re hitting the waves, exploring on a moped, or savoring some Nasi Goreng, we have a few food-forward recommendations for you.

Where to Stay

Nestled along Bali’s picturesque waterfront, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is our top pick for a place where you can bask in the sun and forget everything back home. Its beachside location enables you to wake up and step foot onto the warm sands just in time for sunrise. Lush greenery and foliage line the property creating an idyllic haven in almost any corner you find yourself.

The expansive property spans 11 acres but is compartmentalized in a way that despite its size, still feels like staying at an intimate abode. The inspired and elegant interior, filled with intricate Balinese trinkets, carved woodworking, and rattan lampshades all add to a sumptuous atmosphere. Guests can choose to swim in three tranquil pools, including a Secret Garden Pool, a personal favorite sequestered in the shade of palms and floral trees. Choose your own nook from the many alcoves and let the drinks come to you.

Bedrooms, colored in bright oranges and turquoise blues, serve as an instant reminder that you’re in the tropics. The standard rooms are ample in space–even apartment-sized– complete with a king bed, a separate walk-in closet and vanity area, and a large balcony with cushioned seating. For those craving extra indulgence, the property offers 19 villas, each equipped with a private pool. Bathrooms are thoughtfully designed, stretching the length of the bedroom, with a toilet on one end and a luxurious rainfall-style shower at the other. The shower effortlessly transitions onto a cozy patio, adding another layer to the easy relaxation.

Memorable amenities include the pillow menu with seven types of pillows ranging from plush goose-down to supportive memory foam, catering to your sleeping preferences. What’s more, an in-room cocktail-making station, complete with shakers, fresh fruit and a recipe card allows guests to enjoy a nightcap from the comfort of their pajamas. Whether you’re into Vinyasa yoga, electric scooter rides, or cooking classes, there’s an activity for everyone here.

What truly sets this location apart and makes it our top choice for your stay in Seminyak is its prime beachfront position. In the evening, be sure to venture out to the adjoining beachfront area, where you’ll find layers of colorful beanbag chairs, filled with an aura of live music and dancing.

Where to Eat and Drink

Seminyak is teeming with eateries, from local warungs to upscale dining spots. Wherever you land, you’re sure to find something delicious. Here are a few of Honest Cooking’s top recommendations for any first-time visitor:

SugarSand – Best for beachside views

With a fresh Japanese menu and corners reminiscent of a Tokyo izakaya, SugarSand is the ideal destination for those unwilling to compromise on beachside vistas and exceptional dining. Lined with vibrant furniture and floor-to-ceiling murals, sink into their plush sofas, and unwind while watching the sunset with a sake cocktail in hand. For drinks, we’d recommend the Wabi-Sabi, for its touch of savory spice. From Spicy Tuna rolls with a dash of honey-spiced mayo to Hamachi Ponzu crowned with crispy jalapeno, each dish is expertly crafted and presented with instaworthy perfection in mind.

Warung Nia – Best for local Indonesian food

While the essence of Balinese food is best experienced street-side, Warung Nia is an excellent seated option that doesn’t sacrifice authenticity. Renowned for serving some of the best Spicy Pork Ribs in the neighborhood, the fall-off-the-bone meat comes marinated with 10 different spice levels of your choosing. Don’t miss their Balinese Rijtafel, featuring an assortment of satay, from fish to chicken, accompanied with Nasi Goreng, spicy sambal, and an array of curries. If you have time, try out their famed cooking class where you’ll learn to master the same dishes served at the restaurant.

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Tree Bar – Best for speakeasy vibes

This speakeasy-inspired artisan bar is a charming choice, devoid of your usual loud, bustling bars. Starting with its ambiance, a sizeable tree centers the semi-open-air setting and potted plants hang as far as the eye can see. At Tree Bar, you can immerse yourself in the Balixology experience—a term coined by the bar to represent the art of concocting drinks using fresh aromatic herbs, spices, and locally sourced fruits. The menu is eclectic and creative, featuring a range of smoky and earthy libations. If you haven’t tried Arak yet, now’s your chance. Start with the Tambring #2 cocktail — the herbal medley is made with barrel-aged Arak, turmeric, tamarind, and coconut liqueur, resulting in a creamy botanical cocktail. For margarita lovers, we’d recommend the Mamirita—this rendition details a local touch with mangosteen fruit and tangerine liqueur.

Merah Putih – Best for fine dining

For a high-end experience, we suggest snagging a reservation at Merah Putih. The regal atmosphere features cathedral-style ceilings, granite countertops and velvet upholstered sofas. Part of the experience here is just being inside the venue, the contrast apparent after spending the day surfing at the beach. Despite its grandeur, the atmosphere remains unpretentious; no one will scoff at you for wearing your day’s Birkenstocks. Most importantly, the menu lives up to the hype. The upscale fare boasts everything from quail curry to slow-cooked bebek goreng and lobster dim sum. Plated to perfection, tasting portions are small but mighty, and best when eaten family style so you can sample a variety of flavors.

Chai’ba – Best for vegans and vegetarians

Gone are the days of compromising on mouthwatering flavors and your health, especially with eateries like Chai’ba. Chai’ba brings authentic Indian street food to Bali, creating fusion dishes that spotlight the spices. Menu highlights include the Lamb Biryani and the Happy Pumpkin Salad, sporting roasted pumpkin, grated paneer and tahini. The Chai’ba Martini is always a hit, with mango puree, cardamom and cumin syrup in the ingredient line up.

If you’re entertaining a stopover in Bali during your next international adventure, Seminyak is a culinary gem, with all the accoutrements of a premier destination – we think it’s worth extending your vacation days for!

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