Sarah Lambersky

Sarah Lambersky was born in Toronto, Canada and caught the travel bug early on in life. She has had the opportunity to live in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Prague and currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sarah is the co-founder and editor of Countlan, a quarterly digital magazine dedicated to exploring how people all over the world entertain at home and lectures undergraduate marketing strategy courses.

What the Mochi?

What the Mochi?

The literal translation of daifuku is “great luck”; it is also the formal name for the more commonly used Mochi Balls – a Japanese treat served with tea.

My Prague (Dining) Bucket List

What do you do if you only have a couple days left in a city? Better yet, what do you do with your last eight hours in a city? Sarah Lambersky tells us about the hidden gems of Prague.