Nature Inspired Food Design – Workshop by Boisbouchet

In design circles, food has emerged as one of, if not the, most exciting areas of exploration. As designers integrate food into their work, chefs are reciprocating by introducing design to their cuisine.
By Valentina Mariani

Nature Inspired Food Design - Workshop by Boisbouchet

The cross-fertilzation between food and design is already having a marked impact on the way people prepare and enjoy food, as new ideas get absorbed by the restaurant trade and the supermarkets. That change looks set to accelerate in the near future as the ideas been generated today enter the mainstream.

Katja Gruijters regards food as a natural, social and cultural phenomenon. Her workshop explores the essence of food through the origins of its ingredients. The participants are invited to find inspiration in the beautiful natural surroundings of Boisbuchet in order to create their new experiences of dishes.

Participators will work in multidisciplinary teams – graphic, fashion, product, interior – on a concept during a waste free food workshop. Ideas will be translated into food, preparation, logistics, menus and logos.

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