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Wine Tip: The Best Rosé Bang For Your Buck

Wine Tip: The Best Rosé Bang For Your Buck

We’ve jumped on the rosé bandwagon, and even if the current trend may one day fade, we will forever be on board with a glass of rosy wine. Here’s one of our favorite bottles for a great price.

Wine Tip: The Best Rosé Bang For Your Buck

The Italian producer, Frescobaldi, has impressed us time and time again with their wines, so it is no surprise that we so enjoyed their Tenuta dell’ Ammiraglia Alìe Rosé. Coming in at less than $20 this pale pink wine is one you can bring to every party as a fool-proof hostess gift.

Released this past spring, Alìe brings the high-quality rosé that many wine drinkers have been begging for. Alìe Rosé is a fine blend of Syrah (98%) and Vermentino (2%) grapes.

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The Tuscan wine has sensual notes of pink grapefruit, summer berries and slight floral tones. Its finish is long and interesting with subtle minerality. We found this wine to be the perfect companion to our season primavera pasta, but it can go with so many other dishes, too. Think smoked seafood, charcuterie boards, and a variety of chicken dishes. If you’re enjoying a spicy Asian meal, this wine would be a perfect way to cool things down.

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