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Eight Ways To Take Your Coffee From Average To Amazing

Eight Ways To Take Your Coffee From Average To Amazing

Coffee Cooling Down After Roasting

Mike Crimmins with some fantastic tips on how to make your coffee taste much better.
By Mike Crimmins

Coffee Cooling Down After Roasting
Coffee Beans Cooling Down After Roasting

I’ll admit that just a few years ago, I made some really bad coffee. It was the kind of coffee that had flavors that needed to be hid with loads of cream and sugar. Over the past few years, the quality of my coffee has transformed into something awesome. Here’s a few of the best tips that I picked up along the way, that can improve the quality of your coffee too.

Clean Your Coffee Maker
When was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker? If you don’t know, or even if it’s been just a couple months. Clean it now. You’ll notice a difference. Check out my article about cleaning a coffeemaker.

Look For A Roasted On Date
Most coffee companies don’t put a roasted on date on their coffee. Sometimes they might put a best before date, but most of the time there’s no date at all. The problem with that is that coffee is like a fresh fruit. You’re going to get the best taste and flavors within first few weeks of it being roasted. Plus, a coffee roaster that put a roasted on date probably cares more about quality than just the bottom line.

Use A French Press
Drip coffee makers get the job done, quickly and efficiently, but there’s a whole other world of flavor out there that you can’t get with a drip coffee maker. I recommend replacing your drip coffee maker with a French Press. Not only does it use less counter space and electricity, but the result is more flavorful coffee.

Buy A Coffee Grinder
If you’re buying pre-ground coffee, you are drinking stale coffee. The problem with pre-ground coffee is that coffee starts to go stale and lose it’s flavor within fifteen minutes of being ground. Even a cheap twenty dollar grinder with a simple blade is better than buying pre-ground. Although, I recommend getting a burr grinder, it’s more expensive but does a better grinding job. For bonus points, remember to clean it out often.

Use Better Water
Water is the largest ingredient in your coffee, so don’t think that it doesn’t affect the taste. If your water tastes bad, it will make your coffee taste bad. I recommend using a filter that fits on to your faucet or one of those water pitchers with a filter built into it. You will taste the difference.

Don’t Let Your Coffee Sit Around
Don’t let your coffee sit around in the coffee pot or the french press after you brew it. If you’re using a a drip coffeemaker with a heated plate, if you leave the coffee in pot for too long, it’ll cook the flavors right out of it and replace it with a not so awesome bitterness. Same thing goes for a French Press. After it’s done brewing, pour it into your might right away and store the extra coffee in a thermos or travel mug.

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Choose The Correct Grind
It’s time to put that grinder into action.

  • Coarse Grind – French Press
  • Medium Grind – Drip Coffee Maker
  • Fine Grind – Espresso Machines

Only grind what you need for right then. If you grind more for later on, it’ll be stale by the time you finally use it.

Use The Right Amount Of Coffee
Two tablespoons per six ounce cup is the standard, but it’s okay to experiment with more or less to get the taste that you like.

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