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Have you heard of Sot-l’y-laisse? Chicken Oysters?


  • 300 g Sot-l’y-laisse
  • 200 g porcini mushrooms
  • 50 ml port wine
  • 150 ml jus
  • 23 butter flakes
  • chopped herbs: tarragon / chervil / coriander salt (peppe)


  • 5 Egg yolks
  • 5 Small ramekins
  • Olive oil


  1. Fry the sot-l’y-laisse, add the mushrooms and fry the meat and mushrooms together. Deglaze with port wine and reduce. Add jus and the butter flakes. Add the herbs and seasoning to the sauce. The ragout will have a strong taste of jus and meat. Portion the ragout in 5 bowls.
  2. Place each egg yolk (attention: it must not be broken) in a small glass, fill it with olive oil so that the egg yolk is covered in oil. Put the ramekins in the oven at 70C° for 15 min. Carefully remove the yolk from the glass and place it in the middle of the ragout.
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