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WTF Bangkok: Tapas and Cocktails in Bangkok

WTF Bangkok: Tapas and Cocktails in Bangkok

For creative cocktails and international bites, look no further in Bangkok than WTF.
by Jessica Smith

There’s always room for another casual spot offering strong cocktails, small plates of good food, and ambiance that compels you to stay out far later than you planned on a weeknight night.  In Bangkok, WTF, does exactly that, with energy and style.

Although the kitchen in this charming restaurant with just a handful of tables is virtually nonexistent, the well-thought-out menu belies the location’s size.  It delivers big flavor in sufficient variety for a satisfying meal.  From a spicy chorizo and chickpea stew with bread for dipping, to “Bombas” fritters of potato with tomato sauce and tart aoli, to a balanced plate of hard-boiled quail eggs, seasoned almonds, and olives, nothing on the menu disappointed.

A bite-sized sandwich of spicy chorizo, manchego cheese, and over-easy quail egg was so satisfying alongside our drinks that last weekend, after eating one, our table ordered three more.

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The music is fun, the vibe casual.  The upper floors feature a gallery space with an ever-changing array of artwork.  This is the sort of place where a “quick bite” turns into a late night.  And though it might result in fleeting regret when the alarm sounds the next morning, you’ll quickly be looking for an excuse to return.


WTF Bangkok  Cafe and Gallery
#7, Sukhumvit soi 51 (5 minute walk from BTS: Thong Lo)
open Tues-Sun 6pm-1am

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