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Super Citrus and Turmeric Juice

Kimberly Espinel
A powerful, refreshing citrus juice with added turmeric for great anti-inflammatory properties.
Course Juice
Servings 2 larger servings


  • 3 organic grapefruits
  • 6 organic oranges
  • 1 tsp ground turmeric


  • Juice the citrus fruits (I used an electric citrus juicer. What a hand juicer it make take a little bit longer to make this quantity of juice). Put through a sieve to get rip off any 'bits' (optional step). Add the teaspoon of turmeric, stir and serve. Consume as soon as you make the juice to avoid losing any vitamins. That's all folks!


1. Oranges – contain vitamin C which is a strong anti-oxidant. It also contains phytonutrients called flavonoids which have anti-allergic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.
2. Grapefruits – these fruits contact a phytonutrient called naringin, which gives grapefruit its bitter flavour. Naringin has anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic and cholesterol lowering powers.
3. Turmeric - Curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric, and it has very strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is thought that curcumin may relieve arthritis pains more effectively than some pharmaceuticals, but with fewer/no side effects. Cool huh?!