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Cheyanne Holzworth
Course Beer


  • Pumpkin
  • Tap
  • Beer
  • Serrated Knife
  • Mugs


  • Use a sharp, serrated knife to cut about ½'' off the top of the pumpkin to create a lid.
  • Scoop and clean out all the innards and the seeds. Either discard or set aside to roast later.
  • Use a coring tool or knife to make a hole 2-3'' above the bottom of the pumpkin. Be sure to make the hole the same size as tap to prevent leaking.
  • Insert tap through the hole in pumpkin. Secure and tighten locking nut on the inside.
  • Add your beer of choice, making sure tap is in vertical position.
  • Replace lid. Pull handle forward to dispense beer and enjoy!