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Share Your Favorite Cheese Moment – Win a Castello Cheese Tasting

Share Your Favorite Cheese Moment – Win a Castello Cheese Tasting


What is your favorite cheese moment? Share it with us, and win a Castello Alpine Selection cheese tasting kit for you and your friends!

Win Castello Cheese Tasting

We all have our favorite cheese moments. Wether it is a few slices of cheese, melted over some freshly baked bread, or a classic cheese board and a glass of wine with friends – cheese is about indulgence and adding a little bit of daily luxury to life.

Share your favorite cheese moment in just a sentence or two below, and enter to win a complete cheese tasting kit consisting of Castello Alpine Selection Cheeses, a cheese board, condiments and drinks that match each cheese.

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  • While traveling, my boyfriend & I shared some lovely blue cheese, salami, and crusty bread along with some mimosas that made it a breakfast picnic to remember on our hotel bed. Best meal of the trip!

  • On our first day on the Camino de Santiago in Spain we stopped in an outdoor market to pickup a few things for the trail. We found the cheese merchant who was dishing out samples fast and furiously to all. When it was time to make our selections, of course we bought some of several types, mild and strong and enjoyed our cheese along the trail for several days!

  • The first time I tried Talleggio was on a picnic across from the Golden Gate Bridge. It was sunny, crisp, clear and bright. We had a loaf of homemade sourdough, a jar of artisan fig preserves and a hunk of Talleg. I’ll never forget that day . . . or whatever girl brought that cheese along.

  • After a day of hiking the Alpe de Suisi, we were tired and hungry. At the latteria in Ortisei, Italy, we bought a nice slab of Bergkäse and took it back to our hotel. Too tired to go out, we sat on our balcony overlooking the craggy Dolomites and savored it with a lovely Alto Adige Pinot blanc. It was just a perfect cheese and wine pairing — I can’t think of a more delicious meal anywhere.

  • When I was a little girl, we used to live in Switzerland and in the winter months, we would spend the day skiing. When we got home, my mum would slice up some raclette cheese and the raclette broiler, boil some potatoes and some dried meats… dinner done!

  • Back in 1974,I was traveling in Switzerland and discovered a tiny restaurant in a tiny town in the Alps. We ordered my first real Swiss fondue. It was absolutely delicious with only crusty fresh bread to dip, the cheese was the star. We also learned that if you drink sweet, strong black tea with it, the flavor is renewed with every bite!

  • When in Paris for the first time, we stop at a cheese shop, then a bakery and a wine shop. Gathered our cheeses, baguette and wine and sat in a park on a bench and had the best lunch ever.

  • When I was 14 and had no idea about continental food a cheese monger at a small Italian deli reached across the counter and offered me a sample of a wonderful Parmesan drizzled with an aged balsamic, it was a spiritual and enlightening moment.
    I still go back to the same deli almost weekly, peter the cheese guru and i still gossip all things cheese and charcuterie. ….HI PETER!

  • I used to NEVER eat cheese. Seriously. My life was sad. And then one day I paired a good wine with a few good cheeses and after the flavor explosion in my mouth subsided I knew I was a cheese lover from there on out. I love to go to the cheese deli section in Whole Foods and just browse all the wonderful options of cheese just to think of all the ways I could incorporate them into my daily dishes I create at home.

  • Three years ago, in Texas of all places, there was an ice storm and freeze that shut down schools and businesses for an entire week. The kids were bouncing off the walls so we ventured out to the grocery store, slipping all the way, and bought some swiss and a crusty loaf of artisan bread. Made it home safely and made the absolute BEST fondue that any of us had ever tasted. There is nothing better on a cold day than a hearty loaf of artisan bread, warmed and sliced into just over bite size pieces to fill your mouth, covered in a creamy swiss cheese fondue. In addition to the iceman (more than snowman) the kids built, it was a highlight of that week and one we all remember fondly.

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