Tips for a Perfect Holiday Cheese Board

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Need to feed a crowd of guests? Easily whip up a seasonal cheese board with these tips.

Tips for a Perfect Holiday Cheese Board #ad

Add Something Warm

We usually think of cheese boards as having all cold components like nuts, meats, crackers, and sliced cheeses. Since it is cold outside, consider adding a warm element to the spread, like pomegranate baked brie. See the recipe.

Tips for a Perfect Holiday Cheese Board

Remember the Vegetarians

Cheese boards don’t have to be all dairy and meat, especially when you are going to be hosting meatless eaters. Included spiced nuts, roasted chickpeas and chutneys to make sure they have plenty of flavors. Check out this vegetarian cheese board guide.

Tips for a Perfect Holiday Cheese Board

Think Seasonal

Ignore the peach jam sitting in your fridge, instead turn to seasonal fruits to add pizzaz. Check out this recipe for roasted quince, a perfectly unique and seasonal cheese board addition.

Tips for a Perfect Holiday Cheese Board

Start the Pairings for Them

Not sure if your guests will pair together the best flavors on the board for a perfect bite? Give them an example! This board stuffs a few dates with blue cheese and wraps them in prosciutto to provide eaters with inspiration. Then, let them do the rest so the work is minimal for you. See the recipe here.

Tips for a Perfect Holiday Cheese Board

Keep it Simple

If you don’t have time to make spiced nuts, roast quince or simmer a chutney, don’t sweat it. Keep things as simple as you need them to be. Check out this cheese board with a chia jam that can be made in less than 15 minutes.

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