The Perfect Wine for Friendsgiving

As you gather together with friends for a Thanksgiving feast, try this wine that hits all the marks for millenials looking have a wonderful Friendsgiving.

The Perfect Wine for Friendsgiving

Fun Fact: According to a recent Wine Market Council study, millennials consumed 42% of all wine in the United States in 2015, which makes them the biggest wine buyer in the country.

Younger adult consumers are more knowledgeable or curious about wine than ever before. It’s no longer just about price and grape preference. Wineries now have the think more about their story, being sustainable and talking about it, and even what their label subconsciously says. Millenials especially are hungry to learn more about wine without a huge price tag.


Le Volte Dell’Ornellaia 2015 $30
This Toscana IGT wine from Ornellaia winery is a perfect example of what the newer wine-drinking market wants. It’s prestigious, food friendly and gives curious drinkers a taste of the Tuscan coast with its Super Tuscan blend without a $200 price tag. It’s a fine wine without your wallet taking a hit.

This wine starts velvety, smooth with depth and finishes almost crisp with fresh fruit notes. It brings some spice along with the tannins that rounds out its full-bodied feel and keep it from being too big on the palate. This food-friendly wine is ideal with a rich turkey, meaty stuffings, or hearty sides that bring cozy flavors, like mushrooms, to the friendsgiving table. If you want to bust it out at the start of a gathering, pair it with smoky or bold sheep’s milk cheeses. PS. It’s a perfect host or hostess gift!

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