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Nitrogen Ice Cream in Bangkok – When Science Meets the Kitchen

Nitrogen Ice Cream in Bangkok – When Science Meets the Kitchen


Milk Solid, an ice cream shop entirely dedicated to the nitrogen ice cream trend, is located in the Food Court of Bangkok’s Siam Paragon Mall.

By Ambra Meda

When I think about making gelato, I think of creativity: I envision a messy kitchen full of sliced fruit and ground nuts, pots of custard and clouds of whipped cream.

If I go a little further, I can see the machines and the refrigerators, but that’s it.

Never in my mind would I associate gelato with a science laboratory.

Among the avant-garde chefs, the ones who practice molecular gastronomy and apply scientific techniques to the culinary arts, it seems like liquid nitrogen ice cream (also known as ‘Nice Cream‘) has become the latest trend.

Milk Solid, an ice cream shop entirely dedicated to this new tendency, is located in the Food Court of Bangkok‘s Siam Paragon Mall.

Forget the old fashioned gelato parlors with their multicolor displays bulging with mouthwatering flavors.

In a “Nice Cream” store the atmosphere is more sterile, aseptic, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by beakers, tangs of liquid nitrogen (-320°F) and cold clouds of smoke.

This is the process: in 30 seconds they flash freeze the ice cream using nitrogen, a substance that keeps the fat and the water particles extremely small, and prevents the formation of ice crystals.

With this method every cup has to be made in the moment. The customer chooses an ice cream base flavor. The ‘ice cream scientist’ mixes the ingredients. Half a minute later the ice cream appears.

The variety is minimal: four creams, Madagascar Vanilla, Chocolate 58%, France Coffee and Green Tea & Mint, and a couple of sorbets: Pink Guava and Mango & Passion.

I opt for the chocolate, confident that a rich, intense flavor should be a better starting point to analyze the taste.

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When the gelato is ready, you can take one of the cruets set on the counter and sprinkle some crushed wafers, hazelnut, cocoa powder or grains of Himalayan salt on top.

I go for simplicity and savor it plain.

At the first bite, the texture of this futuristic ice cream impresses me. It’s so smooth and creamy that it seems plush.

When it comes to the taste though, it reveals some flaws. The richness and intensity of gelato made at the “Italian way” is missed.

When I asked Joseph Barone, owner of one of the best gelaterias in Italy, what was gelato for him, he said: “The art of cold“. And ‘art‘ can’t be replicated by ‘science‘.

Milk Solid, Siam Paragon Mall, 991, Rama 1 Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330

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  • Let me share my view as one of Milk Solid’s satisfied customer.
    I don’t agree with the idea of comparing Milk Solid and Gelato because it’s fundamentally different as I have already tried both of them for several times.
    First of all, the texture of Milk Solid is soooo smooth and creamy unlike Gelato. This unique texture creates strong selling point and also generates word-of mouth among my friends. Everyone I know told me the same impression. Another thing which is quite interesting is Milk Solid uses liquid nitrogen to make an ice-cream. I have never found this process before. As a consumer, this makes we WOW. Last but not least, Gelato is quite old-fashion now and when Milk Solid introduced an innovative way to make an ice-cream as a selling point, WE as a consumer think this is phenomenal. Lastly, to mention the bottom line of the business, Milk Solid ice-cream totally satisfies us.

  • Thank you for the comments about Milk solid ice cream. I strongly disagree that Milk solid ice cream should not be compared to Gelato ice cream because both of them had two different markets positioning in the ice cream industry. Moreover, Milk solid ice cream is “Thai Brand” NOT Italian brand. Therefore, the taste of Milk solid ice cream is dissimilar from Italian Gelato as well.

    In addition, Milk solid ice cream uses adaptation method for Thai people, while Italian Gelato uses traditional method in making ice-cream creates ice crystals, which results in an undesirable hard texture. As a result of this, Milk solid ice cream creates ice-cream far superior to ordinary ice-creams sold in the market by using exciting innovative which creates such quick freezing time prevents the ice crystals from forming, creating unsurpassed smoothness.

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