Lamontagne Chocolate: A Special Chocolate Treat

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Chocolate is one of those foods that makes you feel good anytime, anyplace. If you’re going to treat myself, chocolate better be involved.

Is Lamontagne chocolate on your radar? Well it should be. I recently got introduced to this confectionery company, and I’m sure glad that I did.

Lamontagne is a Canadian-based company that sells a combination of chocolate bars, filled chocolates, chocolate coated treats and seasonal specialties.

Some of my favorites are the caffe latte almonds, the chocolate covered pistachios and the chocolate covered coconut almonds. Their cream filled candies are great too. There are so many flavor combinations. There’s definitely something for everyone.

Lamontagne’s products are gluten free, peanut free and Kosher, which is a big bonus. Plus their grab and go packs are easy to find on amazon.

I think a little chocolate in moderation is okay at any time of the day. I actually really like to keep some sort of chocolate treat in my desk at work at all times.

Whether I’m trying to cheer myself up on a stressful day or just want a little pick me up, I’ll pop a piece or two of chocolate from time to time in the afternoon.

Indulging in chocolate, is also a great way to celebrate with family and friends. No matter the occasion, chocolate is always a part of the dessert table at my family gatherings. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and birthdays always include some form of chocolate in my house.

Even date night is better with chocolate. Red wine and chocolate are known to be a great pair, and make a wonderful post-date dessert in my opinion. The chocolate is always the main event for me.

Above all the occasions I mentioned, my favorite time to eat chocolate is by myself, at home, at the end of a long work day. I might brew myself a decaf coffee or steep some tea, get cozy in a big sweater, put on my current tv show obsession, and pop a few delectable chocolate goodies. Do you have a favorite time to eat chocolate?

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If you tried Lamontagne chocolate in the past or heard of the brand, please leave a comment down below! If you try Lamontagne for the first time soon and enjoy it as much as I have, post a photo and tag me on Instagram @my_three_seasons.

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