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I Like My Sheep How I Like My Coffee

I Like My Sheep How I Like My Coffee


Bill discovers a golden fleece in St. Paul’s Black Sheep.
By Bill Walsh

Subject: Black Sheep Coffee Cafe
Location: South St. Paul, MN
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Of all the mammals to be used in a coffeehouse name, goats seem to be the most popular (due to the legend of coffee’s origin by a goat herder) but right on the goat’s heels, I would hypothesize is it’s fellow Bovidae-ite, the sheep (note that these are guesses; I have no hard data). Of course names mean nothing to me as far as attraction (I’d patronize a place called ‘The Fly and Vomit’ if it served good coffee), yet the love of herded farm animals in names still intrigues me.

Lo, on a trip out to the Twin Cities, I found a non-sheepish coffee operation called the Black Sheep. Named for a couple of interesting reasons, the Black Sheep Coffee Cafe drew me into their pasture with lots of glowing accolades from the prior visits of coffee lovers and hence, it was one of my first stops in the Twin Cities.

Located in a large facility complete with parking, their interior boasts a warm environment with a fireplace, lounge chairs and plenty of table seating in a well-lit space. They roast their own coffee, and after a bit of deliberation and guidance from the jovial barista, I ordered a cup of their Colombian Cup of Excellence via a Clover brewer and an espresso of the Summer Espresso Blend.

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The Clovered Colombian doled out frosted wheat, prune, light chocolate, clover honey and wheat grass; an splendidly sweet and mellow coffee amidst a light/medium body. The espresso, pulled short with brown crema, also proved sumptuous, with the flavors of deep cocoa, scone, plain yogurt, raspberry jam and a little saltiness. The tea is free leaf.

Thus, if you happen to be seeking out a stellar coffeehouse that stands out from the typical coffee herd, give Black Sheep Coffee Cafe a bleeting chance.

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