Hasten Thy Path to Minneapolis’ Bull Run

Our coffe tester Bill Walsh runs into Bull Run Roasting Co in Minneapolis.
By Bill Walsh

Subject: Bull Run Roasting Co
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

I must say, if I haven’t said it already, that Minneapolis is laid out quite beautifully. Not only were things fairly accessible by multiple means of movement (auto, bike, foot AND bunnyhop) but it was clearly set up to be a liveable town; a beautiful marriage of suburbia and city, with your nice house but a short walk from your corner coffeehouse or eatery.

Bull Run Roasting Company is one such corner establishment that caught my attention when I was in the fair Twin Cities. Their sharp red exterior gave a pleasant foreshadowing of the cozy interior of wood, brick and orange walls amidst the long corridor inside.

After wandering in and making my way to the counter, I ordered an espresso (the name of the coffee twas not spoken) from their La Marzocco and a drip of their Mocha Java. Pulled short with brown crema, the espresso bore the notes of chocolate, cherry, salt, wheat bread and a little whiskey within a velvety texture; a scrumptious pull that was both vibrant and tasty. The drip held flavors of strawberry, caramel, shortbread, a little nutmeg, a mild earthiness and just the right about of sweetness to make it punch true (i.e. also delicious).

If you live nearby, I would say I envy thee. And for the transients among us, make Bull Run a stop on your sojourn.

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