Grilled Garlic Chicken Wings

Football season is here! Celebrate with these grilled garlic chicken wings featuring fresh summer herbs.

If you want to make these grilled garlic chicken wings, they do require a teensy bit of forethought. The garlic herb marinade whips up quickly, but the longer the chicken wings sit in it the better. So throw them in the marinade the night before and forget em. After a good long soak, they take about 15 mins on the grill and the only energy you’ll need to exert the following day is turning them occasionally so they cook through. They’re fantastic party food, but can be a tasty main dish paired alongside a salad or some grilled vegetables.

Click here for the recipe.

Cathy Roma

Cathy Roma is the voice behind the blog What Should I Make For... where her creative recipes are accompanied by vivid photos and whimsical anecdotes about her life. Her aptly titled blog was conceived after family and friends often turned to her asking, “What should I make for a quick dinner, party or an easy side?”. It features a variety of cuisines, techniques, and foods, both savory and sweet. Cathy is the former owner of Swirled Bakery, a local online bakery that specialized in cookies and confections and she received her degree in culinary arts from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. A resident of South Orange, she is inspired everyday by her vibrant, artistic community and fresh, local ingredients.

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