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Essential Guide – How to Turn On an Oven in Argentina

Essential Guide – How to Turn On an Oven in Argentina


Lighting an oven in Argentina is no easy task. But thankfully, Allie Lazar is here to help.
By Allie Lazar

Lighting an oven in Argentina is no easy task. I bet you have never even considered this notion before, as you are
probably asking yourself what’s so damn difficult about turning on an oven?! You press a button, select your temperature, and voila, easy as (defrosting-a-store-bought) pie! But if only things were that simple… Here in Argentina it’s very common to have an older model gas oven – the kind that works in mysterious ways – where you need to manually strike a match, hold down a dial, and patiently wait until the flames stick. So, in order to help any of you amateur stove-turner-on-ers acclimate to a new feisty oven, just follow these ten not-so-easy steps in your attempt to turn on your oven:

  1. Light a match.
  2. Stick your hand into the gas chamber while simultaneously holding down the dial on the top of the stove.
  3. Close your eyes otherwise they will be burned by toxic gases.
  4. Re-do steps 1-3 because the inflamed match is about to set your finger on fire.
  5. See step 4.
  6. Triumph! Success! Once the oven is lit… oh wait, no.. it’s not. See step 4 again.
  7. OK, now you see a little flame, remember to hold down the dial for 1 minute and wait for the flame to stick.
  8. 60 seconds up! Ready to baaake.. nope. False alarm. Flame didn’t stick.
  9. Repeat 1-8 because you take your hand off the dial prematurely.
  10. KABOOM.

*Disclaimer: Once you successfully turn on your oven, it will have two temperatures: off or full blast hell-like demon flames.

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