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Review – enFuso Smoked Infused Oil

Review – enFuso Smoked Infused Oil


Marnely Rodriguez tries out the new enFuso Smoked Infused Oil and finds it a great addition to the kitchen counter.
By Marnely Rodriguez

Most olive oils are one of either: plain and simple or infused with herbs. As cooks, we’re always craving for more; more quality, more flavor varieties. This is where enFuso Smoked Infused Olive Oil comes in. When I received a bottle of it in my mail, I was more than excited to try it out and couldn’t wait until I got home, trying a drop of it on my finger. Not only does the smoke infusion comes out, but the undertones of fruity olives as well. I needed to get home and create something… anything with this oil.

enFuso Olive Oil

When I did use this oil, I mostly used it as a flavor enhancer to my dinner dishes: drizzling over Lemon-Brown Butter Pasta to give it that unqiue smokiness you wouldn’t except; whisking it into Ranch dressing and tossing it over shredded purple cabbage for a bright and crispy salad, with traditional Ranch flavors and the addition of smoke. We even baked with it, adding it to our cornbread recipe which made it seem like if the corn had been smoked, which added a nice “charred” taste to the bread and paired itself well with whatever the soup of the week was at our house.

One of the best things about enFuso Smoked Infused Oil olives are harvested in the Capay Valley, in Northern California, where a group of farmers are slowly, but surely, growing to have quite a reputation for their intensely flavored produce. Not very far, in the neighborhood of Los Alamitos, the Yee Family had developed a slight smoking addiction, and not the cigarette kind. They were perfecting their smoking techniques on different oils, with a variety of wood chips. They’ve joined forces with farmers of the Capay Valley and are now developing what is now the bottle on my kitchen counter top, enFuso Olive Oil.

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Back of enFuso Oil Bottle

Here are some uses that the company recommends for their oil (but you can definitely let your creative juices flow and even add it to your baked goods!):

  • Think Italian: drip on cheesey pasta bake, add to your marinara sauce or drizzle on pizza.
  • Eat More Veggies: use for dipping your steamed artichoke.
  • Ocean Fresh: brush on your grilled fish, such as salmon or halibut.
  • Start Snackin’: sprinkle over your popcorn, and toss in some grated Parmesan cheese for an amazing snack.
Definitely a great addition to your kitchen counter, enFuso olive oil has brought a ton of flavor to my cooking and baking lately, and I’d recommend this as a great house warming gift or for the avid foodie to start their new year’s with a touch of smokiness!
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  • Dear Marnley,Im in the UK and have been looking for smoked olive oil for a long time. Do you know if it is available is the uk? I am an impulsive cook and don’t think I’ve used a recipe book since I was a child as I am Spanish/ Moroccan and always learned my cooking from my 2 grandmothers and various Aunts. We used to use a home grown smoked oil and I’ve been looking for a source since Amma Mendoza died. She took her secret with her. Hope you can help. Kind regards Stella

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