How to Make Vanilla Extract
Recipe Type: condiment
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Vanilla extract takes only time - and almost no effort - to make at home. You can experiment with different types of vanilla, everything from South Indian to Hawaiian. This yields 1 cup of vanilla extract.
  • 1 cup alcohol (I used vodka)
  • 3 vanilla beans
  1. Use a sharp knife to split the vanilla beans in half; however, leave about an inch at the top of each bean connected.
  2. Put the vanilla beans in a glass jar. Old maple syrup jars are excellent for this. Pour in the alcohol so that it covers the beans completely. Tightly cover the jar with a lid. Give the jar a good shake and then store it in a dark and cool place. Give it a good shake every week or so.
  3. Age for at least two months before using. After two months you can pour the extract into smaller bottles if you wish.
  4. This will last for years (that is if you don't use it all for baking cookies).
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