French Ham, Cheese and Egg Sandwich
Recipe Type: Snack, Main, Entree, Lunch
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Croque Madame is a French grilled sandwich made with toast, ham, cheese and a poached or fried egg on top.
  • country bread, or your favorite bread
  • cheese, I'm using Gouda- traditionally Gruyere or Emmental are used
  • eggs
  • ham
  • butter
  1. Heat a grill or large pan. Slice the bread as desired. Melt some butter into hot pan, place the bread in pan add cheese slice(s) and ham then place a bread slice on top. Cook until bottom side begins to toast then flip and toast the other side. Cook until cheese melts. Set aside. (Essentially you make a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.)
  2. Add a little more butter to the pan and fry egg sunny side up. Serve the fried egg on top of grilled sandwich. If desired serve with a small green side salad.
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