Easy Easter Trifle
Makes one large trifle (as pictured). All measurements are very relaxed, as much will depend on the size of your serving dish and whether you're making one large trifle or individual ones (in wine glasses or champagne flutes for example).
  • Sponge cake to cover bottom of dish twice (plain angel cake or lady fingers work well)
  • A few large spoonfuls of raspberry jam
  • Generous splash of sherry
  • 2 large cans fruit cocktail (save juice for jello)
  • 2 packets instant raspberry gelatine (Jell-o or similar)
  • 2 cups (500 ml) prepared vanilla custard (such as Bird's) or pudding
  • 1 cup (250 ml) fresh whipping cream, whipped
  • Handful of small, candy-coated chocolate eggs, to decorate
  1. Line bottom of dish with slices of sponge cake.
  2. Spread jam over cake.
  3. Cover and soak in sherry (the more the better, said Granddad as he nudged Nan’s pouring arm, but this can be left out if you prefer)
  4. Add a layer of fruit.
  5. Pour jello mix (made with the juice from the fruit in lieu of water) on top.
  6. Refrigerate and let jello set.
  7. Spread prepared custard over jello layer.
  8. Cover in plastic wrap to avoid a skin from forming and refrigerate.
  9. Once custard is set you can either proceed to next step to finish trifle or go back to #1 to add another layer, depending on how deep your dish is. It may be easier in that case to make the jello in a separate bowl and spoon it on once almost set. (That's how I did the one pictured.)
  10. Top with whipped cream and decorate as you wish.
1. Nanny decorates her trifles with the more traditional glacé cherry halves and slithered almonds, but I like to use the chocolate eggs (as above) for Easter, or else fresh fruit or flowers. Be creative! 2. Trifle is best when made the day before you plan to serve it, but only add the whipped cream no more than a few hours prior to serving or else it will droop and look sad. 3. Yes, I serve this to my kids complete with sherry. What little there is in each portion is negligible (no more than cough syrup anyway) but if you're uncomfortable with that then by all means leave it out (or make two - one with booze and one teetotal).
Recipe by Honest Cooking by Mercato Fabbrica at https://honestcooking.com/a-bite-of-britain-easy-easter-trifle/