Persimmon and Chevre Pizza
Recipe Type: appetiser, main
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Serves: 4
Overripe persimmons, chevre, garlic and basil fuse with a homemade crust making a deliciously unique pizza. This recipe amkes four individual pizzas and works well in both wood-burning or traditional ovens.
  • 3¾ cups all purpose flour, plus more for the work surface
  • 1 package of dry yeast
  • ¾ cup warm water (39C or 102F, or just a little warmer than your lip)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil, plus more to drizzle on the pizzas
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • ½ cup cool water
  • 4 ripe persimmons, smashed
  • 400g soft chevre goat cheese
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 roasted seeded and skinned chili pepper, if desired
  • fresh basil leaves
  1. In a large bowl, combine ¾ cup of flour, the yeast and the warm water. Mix, cover and set aside for 30 minutes.
  2. Mix the remaining three cups of flour with the salt and spread onto a clean work surface, making a depression in the middle.
  3. Add olive oil, honey and water to the flour, water and yeast mixture. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Pour the flour and yeast mixture into the well of flour you have made on the work surface.
  5. With a fork, work the flour slowly into the watery mixture, making a dough.
  6. Knead for 5 minutes, adding flour to the work surface if needed.
  7. Cut the dough into 4 pieces. Form each piece into a tight ball. At this point, the dough may be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for later use. If you plan to use it immediately, cover and let rest for at least one hour.
  8. Roast unpeeled garlic cloves in a dry, heavy skillet (preferably cast-iron) for 3 minutes on each side. Remove from heat and let the garlic sit in the hot pan until it becomes slightly soft. Cool, peel and cut into small pieces.
  9. Preheat a traditional oven to its highest setting for 15 minutes or light a fire in your wood-burning oven for at least one hour before you plan to make the pizzas.
  10. On a floured work surface, stretch one of the balls of dough out by hand or with a rolling pin.
  11. Drizzle olive oil onto the stretched out dough.
  12. With a knife, remove the stems the persimmons. Smash a persimmon with you hand and spread it, skin and all over the pizza.
  13. Spread some of the roasted garlic pieces over the persimmon.
  14. Drop about 100g of chevre in dollops onto the pizza.
  15. Bake the pizza for 4-5 minutes in the wood-burning oven, turning once while baking,or for 10-12 minutes in a traditional oven. The crust should be golden and the chevre slightly toasted.
  16. Garnish with basil leaves, cut with a pizza slicer and serve immediately.
  17. Repeat with the remaining doughs balls.
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