Candy Cane Ice Cream
Makes about 900ml (3½ cups)
  • 600 ml (21 oz or about 2½ cups) double or whipping cream, whipped to soft peaks
  • 200g (about ¾ cup or ½ a tin) sweetened condensed milk (I use lowfat and can't tell the difference)
  • Approximately 5-7 regular sized peppermint candy canes, crushed (but leave a few little chunks in there for crunch)
  1. Put the cream and condensed milk in a large bowl and whisk until blended.
  2. Add in the candy cane bits and stir until just mixed through.
  3. Transfer to a tupperware container for freezing.
  4. After an hour, remove from freezer and stir through, making sure to scrape the bottom of the container because that's where the candy cane bits like to hide out and stick.
  5. Repeat the stirring after a further couple of hours, and then check once more before going to bed.
  6. Leave overnight for a firm set and then enjoy your ride down Memory Lane. Or is that Candy Cane Lane? Either way.
Recipe by Honest Cooking at