Voodoo Magic Beef Rib Spice Blend
Here is a great rub that works well with ribs that are par-cooked in the oven and then grilled.
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Brown sugar
  • Crushed red pepper
  • Rubbed sage
  • Nutmeg
  • Cumin
  • Cayenne
  • Dried mustard
  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl according to your taste preference. Rub the ribs with a little bit of olive oil and cover with the dry rub. Put in a 140 degree oven for 2-3 hours and finish on a medium high heat grill until ribs register 135 degrees at the bone.
Recipe by Honest Cooking at https://honestcooking.com/quick-bbq-tips-tough-cuts-chef-victor-aravena/