How to Make Lilac Sugar
Recipe Type: Baking, Tips, Sugar
Fragrant lilacs are a sure sign of spring. Preserve the blossom for seasons to come in a sugar that is perfect for baking or tea. Inspired by Call Me Cupcake.
  • sugar, as much as you'd like
  • lilac petals, as much as you'd like, start with about ½ cup for the size jar pictured
  • jar
  1. Making lilac sugar is very easy and simple, just layer the lilac petals in a mason jar. Along with granulated sugar, how much you need will depend on how big your mason jar is. Place the closed jar in a dark dry place.
  2. Every day gently shake the jar to mix the sugar.
  3. After the sugar is dry (this may take about a week or more) sift the sugar using a mesh strainer, to separate the dried lilac petals from the flavored sugar. This may take some time, so use a spoon. Lilac sugar can be used in tea or baking. Or any other creative use you can come up with. I personally love it in a cup of camomile tea.
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