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David Lynch – Damn Good Coffee?

David Lynch – Damn Good Coffee?

Can David Lynch really brew a cup of coffee that would satisfy Special Agent Dale Cooper?
By Bill Walsh

Subject: David Lynch
Coffee Mugged:
House Roast
Rating: 4+ [see key]

A lot of times people in the entertainment biz branch into different areas, like David Lynch. While I can’t say I’ve experienced many of his films or projects (I saw part of the Elephant Man), I have experienced his coffee. Distributed through Java Distribution, his brand of coffee is marketed as a fair trade, organic and delicious (and a portion going to the American Film Institute).

When they sent me out some beans to try and give some feedback, I was hesitant of coffee relayed through the same company that distributes Allegro Coffee. But I kept my opinions to the subconscious and sampled the coffee via french press, drip and siphon.

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The drip produced a cup relaying roasted almond, caramel, smoked pork, pineapple, nutella and a light/medium body.The french press delivered a brew with cashew, almond, pear, pineapple, sage, cinnamon and vanilla all amidst a light to medium body.

The siphon also held a similar body with more notes of honey, caramel, roasted cashew and cinnamon. Overall, the coffee held no notes of bitterness and was delightfully fresh.

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  • I love that he’s doing coffee. David Lynch is a wonderfully weird Renaissance man. Will have to try this, or better yet, I should make it with some cherry pie, some doughnuts and have a Twin Peaks marathon.

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