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Culinary Japan in Photos: Part 2

Culinary Japan in Photos: Part 2

Joy Zhang continues her trip through the culinary wonders of Japan.
By Joy Zhang

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With Eric on board, our group was now complete. Let the games begin! We spent the weekend exploring Tokyo — where we scoured the markets for street food, wandered around Meiji Shrine and relaxed at Yoyogi Park. The cleanliness of the city was impressive to say the least but what served memorable were the spirit of the people.

They came in all different forms — hipsters of Harajuku, the random groups of Elvis impersonators, a flash mob of all ages, dressed in brightly clad outfits rejoicing in the middle of a park.  The imagination, the wonder, and dedication to whatever their passions in life may be, was truly alluring. It was a place filled with a whimsical, vibrant energy, in even the most unexpected places.  Explore…

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