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Chicago’s Ipsento Imparts Impressive Coffee

Chicago’s Ipsento Imparts Impressive Coffee

Ipsento Coffee House Chicago

Look no further than Ipsento Coffee House and Roaster for great coffee in Chicago.
By Bill Walsh

Ipsento Coffee House Chicago

Subject: Ipsento Coffee House and Roaster
Location: Chicago, IL
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

When people associate coffee as just a means to an end, it really deflates what a true coffee break can be. Instead of a glorious delight to kick off the day or a wondrous beverage to disrupt the laborious monotony, it becomes just a simple piece to the day’s puzzle. I think the time you take out for your coffee should be something that brings a twinkle to your eye and a few high kicks to your mid-morning jig.

One bright and sunny day in Chicago, I was able to treat myself to some coffee at Ipsento Coffee House and Roaster in Bucktown. Beating the morning rush by about 15 minutes, I took my time in absorbing their cozy shop with strategic seating and lots of energy from the chipper baristas.

As for my coffee, I settled on an espresso of their Wild Fire Blend and a drip of their Brazil. The espresso, pulled short with a brown-swirled crema, held notes of grapefruit, whiskey sour, cilantro, rye and Kashi twigs, proving to be a deliciously juicy and refreshing extraction. The Brazil wove a weave of vanilla, bran muffin, almond, paprika, and a bit of hay and honey amidst a light/medium body; a mellow and delicious coffee.

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My Ipsento coffee experience set my spirit aflame with satisfaction and glee. If you happen to be in Chicago and you’re in need of great coffee, taste the wares of Ipsento.

2035, N Western Ave
Chicago IL

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