Easy Dinners with Blue Apron

Our 10 Favorite Blue Apron Recipes

Have you tried the convenient delivery service? It’s such a help on a busy weeknight! Check out our current favorite Blue Apron recipes.

Ultimate Guacamole Burgers

These ultimate guacamole burgers with roasted red onion and sweet potatoes are ready in just 30 minutes. Thanks to Blue Apron meal delivery service, they are easy to make, filling, and delicious all at the same time.

Broccoli and White Bean Burgers

Creating a meal plan can seem daunting if you’re vegetarian and gluten free, or have to feed a group of different eaters. Enter these broccoli and white bean burgers from Blue Apron, so you can have all the ingredeints delivered to your door for greater ease.

Meal Delivery Service Review: Blue Apron

Even though the holidays have come and gone, getting dinner on the table on a weeknight can still be challenge. Check out our thoughts on meal delivery service.

Easy Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce

Need an impressive meal that is easy enough to cook on a weeknight? Try this steak with green peppercorn sauce. Tender and served with a silky mustard-y peppercorn sauce, kale and roasted potatoes, it’s a perfect winter meal.

Kale Tahini Flatbreads with Roasted Chickpeas

This week, make these kale tahini flatbreads topped with crunchy roasted chickpeas and served with a side of pear-beet salad for an easy, delicious, and nutritious dinner

Fresh Dinners for 2017: Pan-Seared Chicken with Honeynut Squash and Apple

Resolve to cook more and better this year, starting with this easy chicken and squash recipe.

Easy Shrimp and Shiitake Dumplings

Have you tried a meal delivery service yet? If not, it’s time you give Blue Apron a try. There is nothing like getting fresh food delivered to your doorstep! Plus, get the recipe for these easy shrimp and shiitake dumplings.

Seared Chicken and Sweet Potato Mash

Keep things simple and delicious for dinner tonight with this seared chicken and sweet potato mash.

Easy Chicken and Sage Gravy

Get dinner to the table fast with this easy recipe for chicken and sage gravy.

Vietnamese Meatballs

Check out this easy and flavorful recipe for Vietnamese meatballs loaded with fresh vegetables.

South Indian Squash Curry

Dive into a bowl of this Indian Squash Curry, a delicious vegetarian dinner simmered with fragrant spices and rich coconut milk.

Three Easy Dinners to Make Now

If you’re currently doing the busy holiday hustle, it’s time to check out these three easy dinners with ingredeints that are delivered right to your door.

Italian Wedding Soup

Dive into a hearty bowl of warm Italian wedding soup loaded with filling pork meatballs. The perfect dinner to warm you to the bone.

Kale and Tahini Flatbreads with Chickpeas, Beet and Pear Salad

Smashed chickpeas, sautéed kale, and nutty tahini pack flavor into a hearty flatbread meal served with a side salad made of tangy marinated beets, sweet pears, and crunchy bits of pistachio. The best part? The ingredeints to make this can be delivered right to your door.

Easy Orange Chicken with Honeynut Squash and Rice

Easily try this delicious spin on the Chinese-American takeout dish, orange chicken served with honeynut squash and rice, with Blue Apron.

Cod Sandwich with Caper Aioli and Endive Salad

The holidays are upon us. Give yourself time to recover from the beautiful Thanksgiving feast you created or prepare for your next winter soirée and let dinner take care of itself.

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