An EGG For Every Occasion

Russian Fermented Mushrooms

A mushroom is one of the most mysterious of nature’s creations. It is a fungus that reproduces through the release of spores. It can nourish or be poisonous…but for now, let’s set aside its powers and focus on the ‘nourish’ part.

No-Cook Iced Coffee Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips

Now that summer is in full swing, cool down with homemade, no-cook ice cream. Bring rich, coffee and dark chocolate ice cream to your next barbecue table.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Korean Steak Rice Bowl

Asian kale slaw and Korean marinated steak sitting atop rice are topped soy sauce and a creamy, egg yolk is mixed in.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Eggs en Cocotte

An elegant French dish that is easy to execute. Bake the eggs in small ramekins with cheese and vegetables until just set.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Rosemary, Curry, and Saffron Aioli Trio

Creamy mayonnaise, once mastered, can be used as a delicious sauce for sandwiches, grilled meats, and vegetables. Try these three flavorful aiolis.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Ramos Gin Fizz

Created in the 1800’s by Henry Ramos in New Orleans the Gin Fizz was shaken for 12 minutes. When your arms want to fall off you’ll have a foamy citrus drink

An EGG For Every Occasion — Egg Tips for the Avid Baker

The egg is a wonderful tool as well as a delicious capsule of nutrition. Follow these egg tips for a successful cake, soufflé, or meringue.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Potato and Pepper Indian-Style Hash

Bursting with cumin, garlic, and chili, this hash has spice to contrast the buttery potatoes. Add an egg to the mix, and you’re in breakfast business.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Indian Omelette

Omelettes are a universal item that is enjoyed a variety of ways around the world. This Indian-style omelette is flat and filled with vegetables and spices.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

Give a traditional chocolate mousse a decadent twist of rich hazelnut. This is a great dessert to make ahead of time.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Pineapple Curd Tartlets with Toasted Meringue

A tangy pineapple curd is completed with a fluffy, toasted meringue for a delicious tropical treat.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Crustless Broccoli-Mozzarella Quiches

Make a filling breakfast with individual skillet quiches. The insides are steaming with gooey cheese, broccoli, and creamy eggs.

An EGG For Every Occasion – Spicy Peanut and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

Thai peanut sauce transforms into a spicy, cool dessert. With coconut, chili peppers, and peanut butter, this ice cream will wow the taste buds.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Cookie Dough Cupcakes

We’re talking chocolate cake, cookie dough center, vanilla bean frosting, and a teeny cookie garnish on top. Now that’s a dessert fantasy creation.

An EGG For Every Occasion — No-Bake Passion Fruit Meringue Pies

Make beautiful passion fruit pies this summer without turning on the oven. Top the tangy pie with smooth meringue and you have a delicious gluten-free treat

An EGG For Every Occasion — Brunch Edition

We are here to help you create a spring-inspired brunch centered around the egg. Here are ten egg drinks and dishes to confidently put on your brunch menu.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Bright Blackberry Cocktail

A bright gin-based cocktail with citrus. A frothy, pasteurized egg white gives this drink body and a kick.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Caesar Salad with Yogurt

Change a traditional Caesar dressing by replacing some of the oil with yogurt. Use pasteurized eggs for peace of mind as you enjoy a nutritional salad.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Frothy Peach Cocktail

A frothy patio pounder perfect for warm weather. Citrus, coconut and peach come together for a flavorful cocktial guaranteed to cool down and satisfy.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprouts, and Bacon Hash

Use up odd leftovers with an easy hash complete with a runny egg. Top with grated cheese and hot sauce for a filling breakfast or a quick dinner.

An EGG for Every Occasion – Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Totchos

When you combine a classic breakfast sandwich with tater tots, something magical happens. A breakfast of champions: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Totchos.

Zabaglione with Rhubarb, Strawberries, and Ginger Cookie Crumble

Creamy zabaglione custard with whipped cream and tart rhubarb compote, strawberries, and spicy ginger crumble. Trust us, it doesn’t get better than this.

Dark Brown Sugar Bundt Cake with Almond Streusel and Lemon Curd Glaze

A comforting cake using dark brown sugar for a smoky, molasses flavor, perfect with coffee or tea. Crusted in almond streusel and topped with a lemon curd.

Creamy Cherry Chocolate Gelato

Use this guide to create creamy, flavorful gelato every time. Cool down with this rich recipe for cherry chocolate gelato.

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