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Bacon and Cheddar Puff Pastry Round

Bacon and Cheddar Puff Pastry Round

Crispy, fresh baked puff pastry is loaded with gooey cheese, bacon, and mushrooms for a truly mouth watering appetizer.

Bacon and Cheddar Puff Pastry Round

Puff pastry is the best way to make pastries without too much fuss. Just roll out the pastry dough, place all the toppings inside, wrap them all up and then bake them until the cheese melts.

I have made various other versions of puff pastries before, including sausage rolls, chocolate rolls and mini pigs in a blanket. This version mimics that of a pizza, where the whole pastry is joined together by slices of triangular puff pastry, such that individual slices can be pulled out separately when it is served. It is really fun pulling them out slice-by-slice with the cheese trailing after right after the pastry is baked. Just imagine, the crunchiness of the freshly baked pastry and the oozing cheese drooping all over. Yum!

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Bacon and Cheddar Puff Pastry Round

Audrey Ling
Course Appetizer


  • Puff pastry I used Borg’s light & flaky: 375g (13 ounces)
  • Mild and sharp cheddar cheese: 250g grated (8.8 ounces)
  • Smoked bacon slices: 12 slices
  • Button mushroom: 1 can sliced
  • Basil leaves: 1 cup
  • Ground blackpepper: to taste
  • Egg: 1 lightly beaten


  • Preheat oven at 200 degrees Celsius. (390F)
  • Roll out puff pastry till about 3mm thick (about 25 x 25cm).
  • Cut out 12 equal triangles from the pastry sheet.
  • Arrange these triangles onto a greased baking sheet, with the base of the triangles overlapping each other at the inner circle and the tips of the triangle pointing outwards. Do not overlap too much.
  • Distribute half of the cheese evenly onto the base of the triangles.
  • Place bacon slices on top of cheese.
  • Distribute mushroom slices and basil leaves evenly on top of bacon.
  • Place remaining cheese on top of basil leaves. Sprinkle with blackpepper.
  • Fold tips of triangles over the topping and press down firmly onto the bases of the triangle in the center.
  • Brush with egg wash. Sprinkle with more blackpepper.
  • Bake for 20 min or till golden brown.


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