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Honest Cooking is an international online culinary magazine with the ambition to truly change the face of online food media. We feature thousands of the world’s most interesting food & beverage writers, bloggers, photographers and Chefs, in a magazine that aims to become the leading and most inspiring place for salivating recipes, interesting food stories and international exploration.

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  • I want to make your Citrus CHIFFON CAKE, with the Fiori di Sicilia flavoring, which uses OIL instead of butter, because it’s a “Chiffon” cake, which by definition uses “oil” instead of butter. But as you have said in the description of this chiffon cake, it’s a cake that between a traditional cake & a chiffon cake, etc. The recipe also has milk in it. So, could I use melted butter instead of oil in this recipe since it already has “milk” which is a component of butter? Please advise.

  • Hello Honest Cooking,

    My name is Annada Rathi and I am a regular contributor to Food52. I am interested in pitching ideas to Honest Cooking. My specialty is Indian cooking and Indian flavors and how to incorporate Indian flavors into everyday dishes of American cooking like salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps, rolls and burgers. Please let me know to whom I can pitch my ideas and if there is any specific preferred format for the pitches.

    Thank you!

  • Jessica Potts is/was a contributing author to your site. I am trying to find her giant snickerdoodle cookie recipe but have been unsuccessful as even her website is no longer loading. Does Honest Cooking happen to have it somewhere? Thanks in advance.

  • Hello!

    My name is Amy Reid, owner of amygfgirl.com, a Gluten Free Lifestyle based company in Southern California.
    (BIO attached.) (Picture attached.)
    On Instagram and Facebook as @amygfgirl
    On my site I offer “recipe bundles” consisting of 4 recipes in various categories with shopping lists, available for instant downloads. I also have a Blog on my site and am currently working on partnerships with various Gluten Free Blog Networks. I am looking for other ways, venues to get my recipes out to the Gluten Free friends who may need them most! I would love to be a contributor under the Gluten Free category on your site. How do I go about doing so?

    I’d love the opportunity!
    Thank you,
    Amy Reid
    Your Gluten Free Girl

  • Hello, your newsletter form is not working, therefore, please add me to your email recipes newsletter list. Thank you very much, Marilyn G.??

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