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10 Drunken Caramels for National Caramel Month

10 Drunken Caramels for National Caramel Month


Autumn is off to a sweet start with National Caramel Month. It’s 10 times better this year with these 10 boozy caramels to pair with, or decadently drizzle, all over your desserts. 


When the days become shorter and the nights become chilly, we tend to crave kitchen concoctions that come hot off the stove. Better yet, why not add a splash or few of some alcohol to help increase that cozy warm feeling? Try these boozy caramel recipes in your dessert…because what doesn’t taste better emerging from a drunken caramel bath?


Dark Rum Caramel

Yes, the first of all to start – rummy caramel. For that little somethin’ somethin’ to go on top of that grown up sweet treat. Go ahead, no one saw that extra spoonful…

Pana Cota & Figs TS Sig 018

Grand Marnier Caramel

For a boozy caramel with an added citrus essence, try this recipe. When paired with a simple dessert such as panna cotta, it adds a touch of elegance.


Red Wine Caramel

A delicious finishing touch for ice cream, poundcake, fresh fruit, or a rich chocolate dessert, this red wine caramel is reduces to pure sticky delight.


Stout Caramel

Ever pair cheese and ice cream with caramel? Well, here’s your chance to. This stout caramel pairs perfectly with hirten cheese. Do let us know what other cheeses you find it would also pair well with…this genious caramel is not the soul mate of hirten cheese.


Bourbon Caramel

With just four ingredients and 15 minutes of your time and the result is a sinfully delicious and decadent bourbon caramel sauce that is perfect for topping sundaes, cookies, cakes, pies, crisps and everything in between.


Apple Cider Caramel

This Apple Cider Caramel Sauce is just the sweet treat you’ll want to give to friends, family and yourself during this fall season. It is so, so good. With just 4 ingredients {and a watchful eye}, you can make this sweet, decadent sauce that tastes like a perfect autumn day. FOUR INGREDIENTS. There are just no excuses.


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The Suika (Ani Ramen Iichiko Cocktail) JPEG

Amaretto Caramel

Just imagine – almond flavored liquor in caramel. If the Italians don’t call it “amore” after a taste of this amaretto caramel, we don’t know what will!


Kahlua Caramel

Make this caramel sauce for Thanksgiving, Christmas, National Boozy Caramel Day, really whenever the heck you want. You won’t regret it! It’s addictive and you’ll want to eat it straight from the jar.


Brandy Caramel

This caramel sauce is light and foamy rather than thick and sticky. What shall you do with it? May we suggest to make it rain like a hurricane on top of a cake. Actually, do this on top of whatever you would like. Just before you finish the entire jar…


Whiskey Caramel

Master the basic – a simple caramel sauce. Simple, yes, but spiked with whiskey this caramel sauce is far from ordinary. It’s buttery, sugary, boozy love. Hooray for whiskey. And hooray for sugar and butter. And a double hooray when you put them all together because you get whiskey caramel sauce

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