Recipes Using Canned Chipotle Peppers

How many times have we all cracked open a can of chipotle peppers only to use one pepper in the whole can? No more! Here’s a list of recipes using canned chipotle peppers so you can use up the rest.

Canned chipotle peppers in adobo are a common staple in Mexican pantries, as we like to have them handy in case we’re making a dish that calls for chipotle peppers. They add a touch of spice and a rich, smoky flavor to many meals. However, there are some people that buy a can of peppers and use it for one or two recipes and then store the remainder in the fridge for ages, often forgetting that they have them there (the good thing is that they last for months).

In order to give you some ideas for using those peppers you may have to lying around, I’ve made a small collection of easy recipes with canned chipotle peppers in adobo. I say “easy” because I do have some more recipes that use chipotle peppers, but they take a little more time to prepare than the ones here.

Chipotle peppers are jalapeño peppers that have been dried and smoked. Jalapeños that are going to be used to make chipotle peppers are harvested when they are very ripe and red in color. The ones that you buy in a can come from a factory that uses ovens to dry the peppers, but there are still a few farmers that dry and smoke the peppers using special woods and ancient techniques to achieve the classic texture and flavor of chipotle peppers. Unfortunately, every day there are fewer people interested in continuing these traditional techniques, and newer generations are not too involved in it. Technically, chipotle peppers are dry, but most people buy them in a can where they come already pickled and with an adobo sauce that includes herbs and spices.

While this dish uses chipotle peppers in adobo, which have their own unique heat, the use of heavy cream reduces their spiciness, and makes for a creamy, smoky dish that the kids will love! Of course, if you want to make it spicier, just add some more peppers. See the recipe.

This recipe is my husband’s easiest way to make dinner. Just open a can of tuna, grab the chipotles, mix them with a few extra ingredients, and dinner is ready! Usually, this sandwich is not served warm, but at home, we sometimes place it on the griddle to give the bread some texture and crunch. You can serve it year-round, and it’s great for your work lunch or for summer picnics. See the recipe.

This is one of those dishes where all the ingredients come together to create a perfect meal. The recipe is for 8 servings, ideal for a large family or a family gathering. You can serve half today, and keep the leftovers in the fridge to use throughout the week. See the recipe.

Ok, I have to admit that this one is not that easy since it takes some time to prepare and cook, but believe me, it is worth your time! These meatballs are usually served with rice, but you can also serve them over your favorite pasta. It is indeed a mouth-watering dish and a favorite in many Mexican homes. If you want, you can make a double batch and freeze some to enjoy later on! See the recipe.

You will only spend about five minutes prepping all the ingredients for this recipe and quickly be whipping up these tasty Chipotle Tuna Tostadas. If you don’t like canned tuna, you can use leftover rotisserie chicken instead. Enjoy your tostadas! See the recipe.

If you love shrimp and spicy foods, this is a must try the recipe for you! The flavors of the smoky chipotle and fresh shrimp when cooked together are incredible. This is a very famous dish served at Mexican seafood restaurants in Mexico. Some cooks use other hot peppers like Arbol or Puya peppers, but canned chipotles are the most used when cooked at home. They are popularly called “Camarones a la Diabla”, (“Deviled Shrimp”) since people like them very spicy. See the recipe.

A perfect recipe to use up day-old tortillas. See the recipe.

Just the right amount of sweet corn and spicy chipotle. See the recipe.

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