Peter Asher Coffee and Tea – An Ethiopian to Invite to Breakfast

Bill samples a decent Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Peter Asher Coffee and Tea, that makes for a nice cup.
By Bill Walsh

Subject: Peter Asher Coffee and Tea
Mugged: Ethiopian Yirgi
Rating: 4+ [see key]

The second of the coffees I have had the pleasure of trying out from Peter Asher Coffee and Tea was their Ethiopian Yirgi (short for Yirgacheffe). It was summarized as a great coffee for one’s morning cup and being a big fan of a good coffee in the AM, I girded my loins and poured myself a cup via the usual three different methods of drip, french press and siphon.

The drip rolled out notes of cranberry juice, chocolate, candied walnut, molasses, pork chop and a bit of cumin amidst a light/medium body. A sweet brew with a tiny bite.

The french press held out a similar cup, with notes of blackberry, bittersweet chocolate, honey, molasses, sage and cornflakes. A slightly piquant brew with decent balance.

The vacuum press delivered chocolate, blackberry, a little wheat, cheerios, honey and cornflakes amidst a medium body. Sweet with ample notes of grain.

While I can’t say that this Yirgacheffe was the best I’ve had, it definitely ranks as a coffee that I would dub as a well-suited companion for the traditional light American breakfast (cereal, pastry, etc). If you’re looking for a light, sweet-noted Ethiopian, give Peter Asher’s a swirl.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

Bill Walsh

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