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Note: Master Classes take place in The Culinary Theater at The International Culinary Center. Each class is a 30-40 minute conversational session where you will be introduced to a Nordic star chef, and hear about his passion, influence and cooking style. Participants in the Master Classes will not take part in hands on cooking.

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Smorgas Chef

Smörgås Chef was founded in 2003, and has been a huge success in NYC ever since. Norwegian chef Morten Sohlberg has brought his personal take on Nordic cuisine to the table, as well as to his farm Blenheim Hill in the Catskill Mountains.

In this quintessential Nordic cooking class, chef Sohlberg will show you the secrets of the most iconic ingredients in Nordic cooking – the Smorgasbord. With an abudance of dishes, ranging from Swedish meatballs, cured Salmon (gravlaks), pickled red cabbage and Jansson’s Temptation, the Smorgasbord is massive, impressive and absolutely delicious. And with chef Sohlberg’s guidance – you will learn how to master this legend of the Nordic cuisine.

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Pickling and Smorrebrod Class
This amazing cooking class, featuring Chef Carl Kristian Frederiksen, Executive Chef at the acclaimed Aamanns-Copenhagen restaurant in New York’s Tribeca area – will introduce you to the art of pickling, and how to achieve the balance of sweet, sour and spicy that is such an essential part of Nordic cuisine.

Chef Frederiksen, will also take you through some of the classic Smørrebrød combinations, to get you started in the historical Danish lunch tradition that these open faced sandwiches are such an important part of.

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Many New Yorkers have fond memories of dinners at Ulrika’s, the UES restaurant chef Ulrika Bengtsson ran successfully for seven years. And now you have a chance to cook with her in this unique Nordic Christmas cooking class.

In this nostalgic and inspiring cooking class, Chef Ulrika Bengtsson will take you to the Nordic region at Christmas time. Learn how to cook some of the most iconic Nordic Christmas dishes, and how to create a lavish Nordic Christmas table. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone who loves the holidays!

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Nordic Chocolate Class
This class is a rare opportunity to work with one of New York’s finest pastry chefs – the very talented Vesa Parviainen of Mast Brothers in Brookyn.

Chef Parviainen, guide you through the wonderful world of chocolate and pastries, always with a firm eye to the North. Learn how to incorporate Nordic flavors and inspiration into chocolate and desserts – a session with Vesa is a true eye opener.

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Rye Bread Baking Class

In Scandinavia, rye has been a vital dietary staple ever since the Stone Age. Leavened with an authentic sourdough starter, whole grain rye bread has long been a staple of the Finnish table, prized for its delicious sour flavor as well as its low gluten content, which creates a hearty, dense loaf that stays fresh tasting longer than wheat bread.

Join artisan bread baker and chef Simo Kuusisto from Nordic Breads for a unique opportunity to learn the craft of rye bread baking straight from the source.

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Ulrika Bengtsson

Many New Yorkers have fond memories of dinners at Ulrika’s, the UES restaurant chef Ulrika Bengtsson ran successfully for seven years. And now you have a chance to cook with her in this unique wild game cooking class.

In this exciting cooking class, Chef Bengtsson will teach you basic skills required to work with wild game at home, and immerse you in the Nordic approach to working in hunting seasons to prepare a delicious meal.

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Nordic Cooking Class

This inspiring cooking class, featuring Chef Sasu Laukkonen, Executive Chef at the famous Chef & Sommelier restaurant in Helsinki, Finland – will take you on a trip through the way Nordic Grandmothers have cooked for centuries.

With starting point in his native Finnish cuisine, Chef Laukkonen will also introduce classic dishes from other parts of the region, and when you are finished – you will be able to cook up tasty dished from the Nordic region – Grandma Style.

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This amazing cooking class, featuring Pastry Chef Maria Östberg, from FIKA, New York’s favorite coffee and chocolate purveyor, introduces you to the Swedish take on the Japanese Tea Ceremony – The Fika.

Chef Östberg, will immerse you in the art of making Swedish pastries, from cinnamon buns to cakes and chocolate balls. After the class, you will be able to put on a true Swedish Fika Ceremony in your own home.

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Nordic Cooking Class

This inspiring cooking class, featuring Chef Mathias Brogie, Executive Chef at the acclaimed The Living Room restaurant in East Hampton – will introduce you to the Nordic cuisine.

Chef Brogie, will immerse you in some basic Nordic flavors and techniques, let you work with different ingredients – and get you well on your way to become an ambitious Nordic home cook. From salmon to Nordic grilling, this is an accessible but exciting intro to Nordic cuisine.

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Arla Unika Cheese

In this inspiring class, cheese maker John Gynther from Unika by Castello, will take you through a selection of 6 absolutely delicious Unika by Castello cheeses – and pair each of them with wine. You will learn how to taste the different cheeses, and how to make sure that your beverage pairing works in harmony with each of them. You will also learn, how sometimes with the wrong pairing – cheese and wine will not taste good together.

Participants in this class will also get a selection of cheese to take home after the class.

Unika by Castello Cheeses are developed in collaboration with some of the best Nordic chefs in the world, and are served at a very limited amount of hand picked restaurants in the Nordic Countries and the US.

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Seafood Cooking Class

Frode Selvaag is one of Norway’s most accomplished fish and seafood chefs. As a member of the Sterling Academy, he travels the world teaching seafood cooking and talks about the bounty of the waters of Norway.

In this exciting Nordic cooking class, chef Selvaag takes you on an inspiring and educational trip through Norwegian seafood. Learn to prepare, cook and serve some of the most amazing fish and seafood available anywhere. Through a set of techniques, you will learn how to truly master seafood cooking – and after the class, your newly acquired skills can be applied to any type of cuisine.

Participants in cooking classes at The International Culinary Center will also have access to the BoConcept Nordic Taste Lounge – where you will be able to taste, sample and try products and delicacies from the Nordic region in a Business Class Lounge type setting, designed by famous Danish interior design brand BoConcept.

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Taste Lounge