Foodjects Visits Dominican Republic

Foodjects is a traveling installation of specific culinary items curated by the Spanish designer Martin Azua. Marnely Rodriguez checked it out.
By Marnely Rodriguez

This isn’t news to the culinary world, to know that particular chefs are particular with the dishes they serve their food on. No longer are they buying from warehouses, but are recruiting artisans of the craft to elaborate their silverware, dishes, serving platters and glassware. Foodjects is just that, a traveling installation of specific culinary items curated by the Spanish designer Martin Azua. Functionality, with a touch of whimsical design are the focus of the items curated and appeal not only to the chefs using them but to the guests eating from them. Below, discover a visual tour of some pieces displayed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The "Coporrn" glass, by Martin Azua and Gerard Molin is combination of a red-wine “copa” and a pouring jug spout, used to drizzle the wine into your mouth from above. The constant contact with air, plus the momentum it hits your tongue, morphs the flavor of the beverage.


Landscape Dinner Set by designer Patria Urquiola focuses on seven motifs of nature.
Mariscal Cutley intended for everyday use, letting the mind drift to the assymetry of the pieces.

“Spoon with Pincer” by Luki Huber, is one of the favorites of the installation. Use the pincer to hold a bouquet of herbs, leaves or flowers that enhance the dish being served. The "Perforated Spoon" individualizes straining as we eat.
Some of the items displayed, from culinary tools to chocolate boxes.

 View the entire Foodjects catalog here:

Marnely Rodriguez-Murray

Marnely Rodriguez-Murray is the author of the food blog Cooking with Books. A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, she has worked as an Overnight Bread Baker in Colorado, a Chocolate Maker in Virginia as well as a Pastry Cook on the whimsical island of Martha’s Vineyard, just to name a few. She currently resides on Martha's Vineyard with her chef-husband, where they are both on an endless search for Caribbean flavors, new culinary trends and gastronomic inspiration.

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  1. What a great experience to see this show! I love art on any level! This is beautiful to see, I had no idea Chef’s were doing this:-) Take care, Terra

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