Places We Love – Chocoholic in Hong Kong

In a small alley off Stanton Street in Hong Kong, Alec Torelli finds chocolate heaven.
By Alec Torelli

Down a small alley off Stanton Street, Hong Kong I read a sign: “Chocoholic.” I race down the steps and peek my head inside. A nearby couple is devouring a Molten Lava Cake.

I’m sold. I take a seat at one of the six open tables. The waitress, store manager and chef greets me. “I’ll have one of those please,” I say pointing to their dessert. “No problem,” she says. “It will take about ten minutes because we have to bake them fresh.” I never mind waiting for quality. While daydreaming over their food and being teased by the aromas, I notice the special menu. “Ice Cream Macaroons!?!” I exclaim aloud, “No way!” I walk back to the counter: “And an order of these please.”

The macaroons arrive first, layers of white cookie stuffed with vanilla ice cream and chocolate. Eaten separately, nothing is extraordinary, but the unique combination of flavors is worth a try. Three bite sized balls are great for sharing and get my taste buds warm for the masterpiece.

The Chocolate Lava Cake arrives in a coned shape, fresh out of the baking pan. I watch as she flips the pan upside down onto the plate, carefully releasing the infused ball. She plops a vanilla ice cream scoop and sets it down in front of me. My eyes widen.

It’s just plain good. Simmering chocolate sauce comes oozing out from the center with each bite. I have a soft spot for the combination of hot and cold, especially when it comes to dessert. Even after the macaroons, I have no trouble polishing it off.
The mood in this quaint little hideaway is soothing and dark. If you want a late night bite in the heart of Soho, pop in, sit close and bond over a luscious aphrodisiac.

G/F 57 Peel St., Central, Hong Kong

Alec Torelli

It all started when he was 10. He was distraught about moving, but the man next door welcomed him with a huge styrofoam box of ice cream. Fourteen years later, he moved to Italy and fell in love with gelato, which inspired his first writings about food. Since then, his passion for culinary art has done nothing but grow. On a mission to find the world's best gelato, he travels, eats and writes for Still Served Warm.

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