Asparagus and Watercress Miso Noodles

PARTNER POST: Discover the nutritious and versatile wonders of watercress with these tasty recipe ideas.
Loaded with peppery watercress, crisp asparagus and a flavorful miso sauce, these delicious noodles only take 30 minutes to make.

Asparagus and Watercress Miso Noodles

’m so excited to share this recipe with you. It’s one of my most unique pasta recipes to date, and it’s perfect for making the most of our last days of Spring – because there really aren’t that many days left. It also utilizes some unique ingredients – watercress and miso.

Until now, I hadn’t actually cooked with watercress before. I’ve had it many times at restaurants and loved everything it’s been in, but I had never actually purchased it at a grocery store. Miso, on the other hand, it one of my favorite ingredients. I’ve used it in so many recipes, like my miso roasted salmon and my maple miso vinaigrette. But, I realize that it might not be used in everyday American cooking, so I still consider it a “new” ingredient.

If you’re having trouble finding miso paste, try your local Asian grocery store. I found mine in the freezer section.

Asparagus and Watercress Miso Noodles

Have you tried cooking with watercress before? At first, I thought it would be similar to spinach, but it wasn’t even close. It has so much more flavor, and it’s slightly peppery. Yes, it wilts in a similar manner, but its stems hold up to the heat, make it a more substantial leafy green for your spring recipes.

I thought it was a little bit hard to find it at my grocery stores – I think only one store actually carried it – but that’s what happens when you living in a small city with a meat-centric culture, I guess. It comes in bunches or in bags, and I found it near the non-salad greens like Swiss chard and mustard greens.

Just a quick FYI, watercress goes bad pretty quickly. I must have gone through eight bunches while testing and photographing this recipe. So try to use it the day you buy it, or at the very least, the day after. It also helps if you store it properly.

Asparagus and Watercress Miso Noodles

Click HERE to get the recipe for these Asparagus and Watercress Miso Noodles.

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Asparagus and Watercress Miso Noodles

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